Field Notes brand note books. Documenting this year’s hunting.


I have become addicted to Field Notes ( The little 48 page memo books have been a fun new tool while hunting this season.

Each time I was hunting this year I carried my Field Notes with me. I documented each hunt including the dates and times, temperature, wind direction, where I was, what I saw. I used the Expedition Edition that has a bright orange cover and water proof paper. It helped to tell the difference between my current daily book (standard Field Notes brown) vs my hunting book.

When examining my notes later I saw something I hadn’t noticed before, patterns! I noticed how most deer traveled one direction in the morning and the opposite in the evening, wind direction and speed determined where they crossed, and time of day was pretty consistent for most deer. I wouldn’t have been able to recall all that information later when trying to figure out why I did or did not see something I expected.

Next year I will make sure to continue this new tradition.

I like them so much I decided to start carrying them at the shop. Visit Lone Star Mower Repair in Burleson, TX to pickup your Field Notes.

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