Lake Street Dive

As a musician I love to find unique music, especially when it incorporates great styles like R&B, Soul and Jazz. I’ve been listening to a lot of Spotify recently since I’ve been heads-down working on getting some front-end development done for a big redesign project. My buddy Ches turned me on to this band a few months ago as we were on the road to our annual Flogging Molly concert at the Dallas Texas House of Blues. Lake Street Dive, a wonderful group from Boston has been becoming more known over the past year or so. Their YouTube channel exploded, they made an appearance in a concert presented by T Bone Burnett and Joel and Ethan Coen which you might be able to catch on Showtime called “ANOTHER DAY/ANOTHER TIME: CELEBRATING THE MUSIC OF ‘INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS'”. Their performance at SXSW set fans on fire.

Keep an eye on Lake Street Dive. I know I will.

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